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Caitlin Roberts - 25/02/2016 Pontypridd

Thank you so much Ian! I wouldn't have been able to have done it without you! I'm going to miss your company in the car and our chats very much :'(


Ceryn Harris - 05/02/2016 Pontypridd

Thank you so much Ian! Passed first time and definitely couldn't have done it without you! I'll miss you :)


Juliet Johns - 28/01/2016 Pontypridd

Thank you so much, definitley wouldn't have passed without you! I really enjoy driving lessons to Ian and will feel safe driving on my own! I'll see you on the roads. Thank you!


Solomon Bolton - 19/01/2016 Pontypridd

Thanks you Ian. So so so happy that I passed. Will miss our little gossips sessions in the car. :D YAY!!! Thanks You!


Joanne Rees - 08/01/2016 Pontypridd

Amazing lessons, great instructor to work with. always had a good laugh. It took me a while to pass but we got there! Thanks you for everything! XXX


Jess Caddy - 30/10/2015 Pontypridd

OMG can't believe I've passed!! Thanks you for being patient with me & thanks for making me feel calm. I'd probably be a right nervous wreck without our chats! remember #stayChanel


Morgan Llewellyn - 26/10/2015 Pontypridd

So relieved to have passed first time with Ian (with only 1 minor), couldn't have asked for a better instructor! He will put you at ease from the start right up to the day of your test and is happy to go through anything you might be struggling with. Cheers Ian, top instructor!


Katie-Lee Ambler - 22/10/2015 Pontypridd

Learning with Ian has been amazing! I couldn't have asked for a better instructor! He was an amazing teacher and was understanding when I had my bad days. As well as being a good teacher he's a lovely person and always had me laughing up until 2 minutes before my test which was an achievement considering how nervous I was. Excellent teacher and great banter! :)


Kiera White - 14/09/2015 Pontypridd

Awesome Instructor who made driving entertaining and helped a human disaster pass. Thanks v.v.much I couldn't have done it without you!!!!


Sam Macrow - 28/08/2015 Pontypridd

Amazing Instructor. Easy to get along with even though I never shut up. Would never have dreamed to be in this position without you! Thanks again boss man. Good luck in the future. #muttsnuts 


Andrew Richardson - 20/08/2015 Pontypridd

Great Instructor. Pleasure to learn and drive with. Always helped me feel calm and positive in the car. Thanks again mate!


Carman Evans - 04/08/2015 Pontypridd

1st time pass!! 

Thank you so much for the past 6 months of driving lessons!! excellent instructor. Loved every minute. Don't miss me too much. Would recommend to EVERYONE! Thank you!! I will be the next Lewis Hamilton :)


Rachel Atkins - 20/07/2015 Pontypridd

Thanks Ian for all the lessons, fab instructor and driving school. Loved every drive even through the nerves. 

Thanks again! xx


Morgan Waters - 24/06/2015 Pontypridd

Thank you so much. I'm sure my absence will create a dent in your soul but as I will be the next face of iDRiVE that should compensate. 100% recommend everytime, thank you!!!!!


Hannah Leigh - 11/06/2015 Pontypridd

Thank you so much for being patient with me and putting up with me not knowing my left from my right! I'm going to miss our lessons. Thank you again for everything :)


Josh Teague - 01/05/2015 Pontypridd

Thank you ever so much!! One of the best experiences of my life!! Sad that I will miss our lessons :( but I'm sure I'll see you loads.


Cant believe I passed first time and its down to you :D


Anna Robinson - 23/04/2015 Pontypridd



Thank you so much, I cant believe that I can drive (idrive) and its all thanks to you!

Going to miss random chays as I drive!

Thank you! :)


Abi Spear - 24/03/2015 Pontypridd

Thank you sososo much! Every lesson was fab I've enjoyed every minute! An amazing instructor and such good company. Thank you again. So happy :) xx


Bethan Cooper - 05/03/2015 Pontypridd

Thank you so much for all your help! You've taught me so much and your lessons have been very enjoyable - I will definitely miss them! Would recommend you to all my friends! Thanks again. Beth :)


Kathryn Hockey - 16/02/2015

Ian has been absolutely wonderful driving instructor, he is really friendly, polite and encouraging. I can not recommend iDrive enough and will certainly miss Ian now I've passed. I passed first time due to his brilliant teaching methods. Thank you Ian.


Emma Williams - 6/02/2015

Passed my test first time! Had a great laugh in the driving lessons! Great instructor! Thanks so much for teaching me and helping me pass. Would defo recommend! Emma :)


Bryony Harris- 15/10/2014 Pontypridd

SO HAPPY!!!! :)

Thank you soooooo much! My cheeks ache from being so happy. Thank you so much for teaching me, every lesson has been so good. Never been a dull moment. Couldn't have done it without you! Feel like i've made a friend as well as just having you as a Driving instructor. Thanks for all the great advice and chats. Even you making fun of me. Would definitely recommend you to everyone! WOOP!! So happy!!!


Hamish Cranstone - 14/10/2014 Pontypridd


I can't believe I have done it! You are an awesome instructor and I couldn't have asked for more. Thank you so much!



Matthew Ingram - 13/10/2014 Pontypridd

Thank you Ian! iDRiVE Cymru gave me everything I needed to pass - endless patience, theory test support (for free) and a decent sense of humour to make you feel comfortable in the car. Tidy bloke. Good advice and conversation. BARGAIN!


Carys James - 19/09/2014 Pontypridd

Thank you so much for helping me pass! I would not have done it without you. I've had a great time in your car with all our interesting chats. Hope you business keeps on doing really well. i will praise you to everyone.

Carys xXx

Jordi Davies - 11/09/2014 Pontypridd

Thank you so much for everything! Excellent teacher all round. Couldn't have asked for anyone better and a first time pass!! Thank you again!!!



Luke Beeston - 28/05/2014 Pontypridd

Almost bottled it! But a pass is a pass. Amazing instructor. Much better than my previous instructor. Highly recommended.

Thanks Ian!!








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Lucas Bishop - 04/03/2016 Pontypridd

Thank you Ian! Amazing teacher and would recommend you to anyone. Great experience.


Iestyn Davies - 23/02/2016 Pontypridd

Great Instructor, great lessons, never a bad lesson and the lessons are always enjoyable. Thank you.


Eleanor Matthews - 25/01/2016 Pontypridd

Thank you so much! You've built up my confidence in driving and I feel safe to drive on my own. I'm going to miss our lessons. Thank you!!


Dan Latham - 18/01/2016 Bridgend

Ian stepped in to take over from my previous instructor when he had to take a new job. .Right away he made me feel confident and didn't hesitate to give me instruction and pointers when I needed them. Great lessons


Lauren Jeffery - 14/12/2015 Pontypridd

So chuffed I passed! Thanks for being such a good instructor and teaching me how to be a better driver than Liam and how to wave properly! Gonna miss ya! XXXXX


Charla Cevis - 09/11/2015 Pontypridd

Huge thank you Ian. Couldn't have done it without you. Thanks for making learning fun! I'll miss our gossips. All the best! #HisShoes #GirlCode :) 


Alexander Knill - 26/10/2015 Pontypridd

PASSED!! Took two drives but done and dusted. Massive relief! could not have done it without you, literally! But serious, the guidence, patience and confidence you gave me is unmatched by anyone else. Thats my opinion anyway!! Lovely car, lovely guy, great experience! 10/10! Cheers Ian and on to the future.


Lucy McCarthy - 23/10/2015 Pontypridd

Can't believe I've passed finally!! Soooo happy! Thanks you for putting up with me for so long and being so patient. Ta very much :)


Monique Aziz - 6/09/2015 Pontypridd

Amazing Instructor, funny and patient. Thaks you so much for helping me pass! Couldn't have done it without you. All the best :)


Matthew Griffin - 4/09/2015 Pontypridd

You are a legend and I'm going to miss our lessons. Thanks for everything and try and make romeo a marvel fan


Ella Attwell - 25/08/2015 Pontypridd

Amazing Instructor. Really understanding and supportive! I really couldn't have done it without you! Thank you so much!

Kirsty White - 16/07/2015 Pontypridd

Thank you so much!! Passed due to an amazing instructor and will miss my driving lessons throughly. Don't think I could of had a better instructor. Thank you so much, you are the best! Kirsty :)


Sian Taylor - 23/06/2015 Pontypridd


Passed 1st time thanks to the best instructor ever! Over the moon, so happy! Thank you so much!

Sian :)


Jeremy Thomas - 12/06/2015 Pontypridd

Very much appreciated. Every lesson has been a great laugheven though I could put my seat belt on properly.


Maddie Ashcroft - 08/06/2015 Pontypridd

Passed first time! WOOOO!! Thank you so much Ian! So so happy. Will see you driving our DS3's :) Been the best Instructor ever. Thank you loads!! 

Maddie :)


Chloe Wesley - 28/04/2015 Pontypridd

Thank you soooo much!! Can't believe I passed 1st time :)

Going to miss your top tips and jokes! xx


Lauren Paskell - 20/04/2015 Pontypridd

Passed first time with only 5 minors. Really enjoyed learning with you and will definitely recommend toy to anyone I know (especially my brother in a years time)



Liam Grace - 16/04/2015 Pontypridd

Passed with 4 minors! Enjoyed every lesson and had np trouble with the test! Thanks Dude!


Sophie Rees - 24/03/2015 Pontypridd

1st time pass!!! Thank you so much. Couldn't of done it without you! Great instructor and an amazing friend! I've enjoyed every minute!

THANK YOU! :D xxxx


Sian Creak - 13/03/2015 Pontypridd

YAY! Thank you so much Ian. You have been brilliant. I will miss our lessons but will keep in touch and always recommend Idrive Cymru.

Thanks Siany Creak


Lewis Miller - 19/02/2015 Pontypridd

Passed first time!! Couldn't have done it with Ian who in my opinion is the best instructor around. He loves his banter and you can always have a laugh with him. Every lesson I've had I have really enjoyed. Will definitely keep in touch. TOP MAN!!. I would recommend Ian to anyone.


Joel Harvey - 2/02/2015

I've just passed my test! Woo! Thanks for the first time pass and everything you have done for me! Wouldn't have asked for a better instructor! Thanks for everything Ian! PS keep in touch and we will have to go to see a marvel film soon. Joel =)!


Rhys Jones- 13/01/15

Passed 2nd time! Class driving instructor and had some great chats and very funny. Thanks for everything!!


Connor Johnson - 09/01/15

Finally passed 2nd time!! Thanks Ian for being an amazing instructor and friend. I'm going to miss our lessons and driving the bumblebee. Couldn't of wished for a better instructor!


Kirsty Trotman - 23/09/2014 Pontypridd

Thank you very much!! I didn't think I could ever learn to drive until I had you as an instructor! I turned into a confident happy driver :) Going to miss having lessons and our chats. You came highly recommended and you still are! See you on the road :)


Gemma Spencer - 12/09/2014 Pontypridd

Absolutely loved driving with Ian! Would not have been able to pass without him! A tip to new drivers don't fall for "Ming Wah" and use IGGI

Ciao for now

x x x x x x x x x x

Georgia John - 25/04/2014 Pontypridd

Thank you so much! Enjoyed every lesson gossiping and i will miss it dearly. 
Fabulous instructor and I'd recommend you to everyone :)

Rebecca James - 30/05/2014 Pontypridd

So Happy! Best instructor you could have. Great laugh and so encouraging. This has / will change my life. All I can say is THANK YOU!!!

Big Love Ian!! Bec x

Kate Lewis - 16/05/2014 Pontypridd

Yaaay! Best Driving instructor you could ask for! Made you feel comfortable from the start and made learning to drive really enjoyable! Would recommend you to anyone, knowing they would enjoy learning as much as I did.

Thanks Ian!



Courtney Bryant - 

Learning in the bee was awesome especially. Being taught by the legend that is Ian. He gained a few bruises to the knee along the way but always was smiling. An amazing instructor who I would recommend to everyone! Every lesson was filled with laughter - Who wouldn't want to learn with laughter, :p he risked his life teaching me to drive lol, very patient, friendly and outgoing. I loved learning with iDrive Cymru. THANK YOU!!!